.​.​.​And The Blood Flows Like Wine

from by Obsidian Shrine



…And The Blood Flows Like Wine

Bring forth the benighted
The faithful, the unenlightened

Bring out your pamphlets, produce your scrolls
All you deem blessed as sacred objects of control
Gather your scriptures cloths and relics all the same
Throw them to the flame
Burn all to ash, melt the medals, crush the stone
Line up the leaders, dripping fuel from their robes
Castrate and burn them, strew their ashes amongst the weak
So they may witness and bathe in their defeat

The truly enlightened understand the folly of the path they never followed
It’s the age of redemption, retribution, extinction of the hallowed
The god fearers, begging as they worshipped, on their knees
The time is now to rescue humanity
And the earth from this disease

Streets fill with screams of their holy leaders, begging to be saved
Burning alive, the fire so bright, glowing coals now are the souls of the enslaved
Guilty just the same are the children, minds soured though we tried to dissuade
Feeble minds corrupted by their elders, boil in flames as they continue to pray

Line up the brainwashed pawns, the young and the old
Anyone who kneels before nothing, and simply does what they’re told
Bind them together, stripped down to bare skin
Raise the blade under their chin, simple questions and the cure begins

Are you of faith?
Are you a follower?
Do you believe?
Do you think you are a martyr?

Lifeless lumps fall side by side.
No eulogy for those who die.
The streets are filled with a crimson tide.
And the blood flows like wine.


from Infernal demo, track released February 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Obsidian Shrine Nashville, Tennessee

Blasphemous black metal from the depths of the bible belt in the U.S.A. Our music sends a message, free yourself from dogmatic faith or suffer a fate worse than death. Sacrifice your faith upon the altar of the Obsidian Shrine.

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